50PS-4 | Street Portrait of a Whitby Signmaker

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The second of my Whitby “Perfect Strangers” street portrait shots and the second time in the same day that I forgot to ask his name.  Again, I remembered to give him a card though, so hopefully he’ll be in touch.

This guy has a stall where he hand makes signs for people while the wait. He uses a saw and cuts the name from wood. I have a great deal of admiration for anyone who makes something out of basically nothing and the sign’s he made were fantastic.  I still have the “Marks room” sign that my parents got for me when I was about 5 (it’s not THAT long ago!)  and it always brings back memories when I look at it.

The signs he  made here will be bringing back childhood memories for many years to come.


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By Mark J Hillyer, Yorkshire wedding Photographer