5×4 Camera Test Photographs

Large Format Camera Test Shots

5×4 Camera: The first photographs

A few weeks ago now I was stopped in my tracks when I met Norah, the Newton New-Vue 5×4 Camera.

She’d had a hard life and hadn’t been well looked after & so I threw caution to the wind and bought my winter restoration project.  Over the last few weeks, quite a lot of progress has been made. There’s been a lot of polishing to get the rails back into usable condition but I’m nearly there with that job now.  I’ve also found a guy in Selby that will powder coat all of the metal parts into a nice, matt, camera black.

One of the finishing touches that really needed sorting out was all of the adjustment knobs. Whether it’s 70 years of grime, I don’t know, but all of the adjustments are really stiff and it can get a bit painful for my delicate hands. So, I’ve located a company on line that basically make & sell knobs (Let me tell you, that was a Google search I won’t be repeating!!!). Hopefully, I won’t be cutting my hands up on the 70 year old existing ones anymore.  People in the 1940’s must have had tougher hands!

Before I started taking the camera apart to clean all of the parts and send them off to be repainted, I really wanted to shoot a few test photographs. I’d managed to pick up some film holders and film when I bought the camera, so I set off into the woods.  The two lenses that I had both fared very differently. The first, a Schneider Angulon 90mm was perfect. Pin sharp and the shutter times seemed good.  The second one, a much older Schneider Xenar 210, was nowhere near with the shutter times and seemed to be a bit soft.

Anyway, here’s the shots that I took.  They were all shot on Ilford HP5+ film and developed and scanned, at home, by me.

I should also mention a revelation that I discovered through the Film Shooters Collective.  The Stearman Processing Tank.  It’s a kickstarter project that has created a developing tank for 5×4 camera film that makes the job so much simpler and more economic (Like anyone who shoots film cares about the economics of it…)

Large Format Camera Test Shots Large Format Camera Test Shots Large Format Camera Test Shots Large Format Camera Test Shots Large Format Camera Test Shots