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Coffee Table Books

If you’ve looked at my Album Page , you’ll have seen that I already offer stunning, leather bound fine art books, hand made by Folio Albums.  Recently an opportunity came up to try one of the coffee table books, made by Saal Digital.

I’ve always wanted my clients to leave with something in print.  Something tangible that they can hold, flick through and remember their big day.  The Folio albums do that wonderfully, but I wanted to add something to the range that offered a different style.  I wanted to continue to offer a quality product but at the same time, I wanted something that was maybe a bit more accessible.

When the new Coffee Table Book arrived, I was definitely impressed with it.  Ordering was pretty straight forward & delivery was fast.  It arrived well packaged and protected, so it checked all the boxes there.  But what did it look like?

I love opening new albums.  I love to see my work printed and still have my customer albums sent to me first before I send them out.  It’s not because I want to check my suppliers work, because I only work with suppliers I trust.  It’s just because I want to see my work in print before it goes out to the client.  I know how much it will mean to them and future generations of their family when it arrives, so it’s nice to have a look before I send it on it’s way.

The Saal Digital Coffee Table Book was not a disappointment.  I ordered it with the  gift box, because that’s how I’d want my clients to get it – the box was great – a real quality feel to it.  Inside, the book was exactly what I’d hoped that it would be.  The photo printing was spot on. The lay-flat binding allowed me to seamlessly lay a photograph over the centre crease. I loved the quality of the cover.  Al in all, a great product that I will be happy to offer my clients and will work well in my line of printed products.


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