Engagement Shoot in London | Joanna & Ed

Portrait shoot

Engagement Portraits in Kensington

I don’t often go as far as London for an Engagement Shoot.  It’s a rare treat that I did once last year (You might remember the shoot in Richmond Park with Caroline & Lawrence) and then, at about the same time of year, this year for Joanne & Ed.   The reason I made the journey all the way from sunny Yorkshire down to London was a bit special though.  Joanna is from York but has been living and working in London and while she’s been there, she’s been living in a rather special house in Kensington, just near Hyde Park.  The house was once owned by the composer Muzio Clementi (1752-1832) and during his time there entertained such composers as Mendelssohn, Bellini & Chopin.  After they get married, Joanna & Ed won’t be living at the house so they asked if, for their Engagement Shoot, we could do a sort of portrait shoot in a place that will always be special to her & to commemorate an important part of her life. How could I say no?

It adds something extra for me when I’m shooting a portrait shoot in a place that’s special. I caught the tube over to Notting Hill gate and walked over to the house and as soon as I saw it, I could see exactly why they wanted to do the shoot here.  Special is an understatement.

Joanna & Ed’s wedding will be just outside York in April & I’ve no doubt that you’ll be seeing some more photographs of them very soon.



I like to shoot my Engagement Shoots and Portraits on location using natural light wherever I can.  Studios are great, but I find it so much more interesting when you can tell a bit more about the people by their environment. Especially when, as in this case, it’s somewhere that is special and really means something to them.

If you’d like to book a portrait shoot or Engagement / Pre-Wedding shoot with me you can always drop me an email to discuss ideas and I’m happy to shoot anywhere at all, although I should say that outside of the Yorkshire counties, I do charge a bit for travel.  I’d also like to thank my friends Andy & Emily who very kindly let me stay with them the night before the shoot, which enabled me to get in to London nice and early in the morning without having a 3 hour drive first!