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Anticipation my favourites Wedding Photographer Yorkshire

I find it really hard not to look at this picture and smile.  It reminds me of a time, not so long ago (!!!), when I was a child and I used to read books by Richard Scarry. In them, there would be these fantastic two page spreads of a scene, perhaps a town, and all of the characters would be animals, all interacting with each other. Every time you looked at one of the pictures, you’d see something new, another little story playing out that you hadn’t noticed before.  That’s how this image makes me feel.

In the foreground, there’s the obvious, the bride, Laura, throwing the flowers.  If I could change anything, I wish I’d been a fraction of a second quicker and got all of the bouquet in the frame, but there’s enough there to tell the story of what she’s doing. It’s when you look further back into the image that it really comes alive for me.  The faces of the guests, and in particular, one of the bridesmaids as they jostle for the best position to catch the flowers as they fall is what really makes the image. The anticipation.

Then there’s the two guys on the left, wondering what on earth all the fuss is about, the guys who got involved and tried to catch the flowers and the lady on the right who was videoing the whole thing.  The story is all in the faces.  You can tell who really wanted to win here!! (If you’d like to know, you can go to the blog post here, it’s the last image in the post).

The only way to get the kind of f-stop that would get everyone in focus for this was with flash, but direct flash would have just overexposed the bride leaving everyone else in darkness, so I angled the flash up to about 45 degrees to bounce the light off the ceiling & closed the lens down to about f11. The illuminated dance floor certainly helped too.


Anticipation my favourites Wedding Photographer Yorkshire

By Mark J. Hillyer, Yorkshire Wedding Photographer.