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My Favourite shots Wedding Photographer Leeds

At the back end of last year (December 7th), I photographed Gemma & Alex’s wedding, firstly at St. Mary’s Church in Sheffield and
then later at Wortley Hall just outside Sheffield.   It’s easy for me to remember the day because it was the day before my birthday.
I love to shoot weddings in Sheffield because my wife, Fiona, is from there. Every time I tell her where I’ll be shooting, I get a childhood
story connected with that area of town.  St. Mary’s church may just be one of the best churches to photograph ever, due to the massive
windows it’s one of the lightest churches I’ve ever been in. It also has a black cat outside that poses for pictures while you’re waiting
for the bride to arrive.

Wortley Hall is just outside Sheffield and for many years used to be a Union conference centre. Prior to that it was a privately owned
home and was absolutely beautiful. Set on a hill and surrounded on three sides by fantastic woodland, the fourth side has some
of the best views in South Yorkshire.

So, on to why this particular photograph is one of my favourites.  I’d spent the whole morning at the bride’s house photographing
the bride & Bridesmaids getting ready and there were very few signs of any nerves.  When the car arrived, I just managed to move
myself enough to get the reflection of the church and the tree in the window, but capture Gemma, looking both stunning & a little
nervous, in the space between the reflections.

If you’d like to see more of Gemma and Alex’s wedding from last year, you can click here.

For the Photographers, this was shot on my Fuji X-Pro (Chokichi) with an 18mm lens.

My Favourite shots Wedding Photographer Leeds