Halloween on Large Format

Pirate Scarecrow

Large Format (5×4″) Halloween

In the last week, the Film Shooter’s Collective had on of their weekly themed round-ups.  Obviously, being the end of October, the theme was Halloween.  I thought it’d be the perfect opportunity to get the large format camera out and go and take a few spooky shots.

There’s really nothing like using a large format camera.  It takes me at least 20 mins to take each shot and in that time, you do attract a lot of attention.  It’s hard to be discrete with a camera that you can only use on a tripod, with huge bellows and a cloth over your head.  It’s definitely a talking point.

Anyway, here’s the shots that I took (admittedly, one isn’t all that Halloweeny – I had to use the plate though as I wouldn’t be able to develop the one on the other side without it).

Camera: Sinar F1

Lens: Schneider 120mm

Film: Ilford HP5+ shot at ISO 320

Lab: The one in my kitchen that leaves the room smelling of photo chemicals.


Hope you like them.


Lotherton Hall Scarecrow Pirate Scarecrow Large format Pond