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Wigan Wedding Photographer Testimonial

It wasn’t so long ago that I posted Elaine & Dale’s Wigan Wedding at Kilhey Court on my blog so it was a pleasant surprise to get this email from Elaine.  I don’t think I’ve ever worked in a job where customers give this kind of feedback before…This really is why I love my job.

“Hi mark. The pen stick arrived yesterday. We absolutely love the slideshow, brought a little tear to my eye. Watching the photos with the music as well was emotional. And it’s so much easier to view the photos on the pen stick because you can just play through them. Think I looked at them all through about 5 times! It felt like I was seeing them for the first time, and every time I look through them again I notice little details in the photos that I didn’t see before. Thankyou so much for being our photographer, I couldn’t have wished for better photos they are exactly what I wanted and more. You have caught some really lovely moments of the day that we can always cherish and look back on. You just captured the whole day perfectly. I always keep up with your blog and to be honest I never thought that my wedding photos could look as beautiful as the ones you’ve captured before. We are just a little family from little old wigan and your photos are so fancy and naturally beautiful that I just thought you would struggle to capture moments of me looking that sophisticated haha. I couldn’t have been more wrong. They are just amazing. And when the people in the photos are your nearest and dearest and you know their expressions you can tell what they are feeling and thinking at that point in time it’s just all the more beautiful. You just capture real people. With their own expressions, looking like themselves but in a beautiful way”

– Elaine Haughton –

Wigan Wedding Photographer Testimonial

By: Mark J Hillyer, Wedding Photographer, Yorkshire.