Newton Grange Ilkley

A moment captured as the wind caught Ellie’s veil


My Style – How I Like To Photograph Weddings

As I’ve mentioned, I love photography that tells a story. Great photographs that convey a story are so much more than just images. I believe they provide us with our most valued possessions,  reminders of the greatest moments in our life and our best and closest friends.  When I look back through my old photographs of travelling, or family & friends, they all prompt a memory or emotion.  Hardly any of the best ones were posed.  That’s why I prefer to shoot in a natural, spontaneous and unobtrusive way.  Photographing events as they happen naturally rather than orchestrating and posing in a set way tells the story.  When you look back at your photographs I want you to remember how you felt, the happiness and the emotion, not how long the photographer spent trying to make your arm bend in just the right way.

To me, your wedding day is just that, a whole day. I want to capture the events of the day in the most natural way, I don’t want to shoot fake moments, staged for the camera. I want to be there when they happen for real.  For that reason, my price includes me being there past the first dance until the late evening.





Emotional text

I love capturing the moments like this – An emotional text message from the groom to be…

Posing ?

Every wedding is different just like every couple is different and I aim to capture what is unique about you, your guests and your day. That’s why I don’t work to a formula or use a set of fixed poses.  I don’t want to repeat someone else’s wedding. It’s my aim you to have a set of photographs that are as unique as you are and tell the full story of your special day in a creative, imaginative & artistic way.  I’ll find a good location and then let you interact naturally. I’m happy to give a little guidance here and there with how to stand to look your best, but it’s the interaction between you that’s the key.  Couples who talk to each other and joke while I’m taking their photograph make my job easy. Just look at the image of Dani & Olli below, I like it when couples make the most of some quiet time together … Unposed … Natural.





Saltmarshe Hall near Hull

Dani & Olli take a moment to enjoy some quiet time…


I’m often asked if I shoot group photographs and of course, when you are surrounded by family and friends, some of whom have journeyed miles to celebrate with you, you’re going to want a few group photographs. That’s absolutely fine.  I do try to keep them to a minimum to allow me to return to capturing the natural and candid events of the day as soon as possible, but I’m happy to do them.  Again, I like to keep my group photographs as natural and relaxed as possible…



Bridal party

Another one from Dani & Olli’s fantastic day at Saltmarshe Hall. Relaxed group shots are the way to go…


Humour is a big part of my work.  There’s nothing else to say, I love to capture the look that no one else saw, or the laugh at putting the ring on the wrong finger or getting tongue-tied saying the vows.  It happens at every wedding and it’s a great feeling to get the shot.



concentration face

Putting on eyeliner can take a lot of concentration…


pucker up

This shot of Emma & her mum makes me smile every time I look at it…

After Hours

If you want shots of you waking up at 7am on your wedding day, I will be there with my camera and a mug of coffee. I will be there all the way through the day, and, I will still be there in the evening, capturing all of the special moments as your guests party the night away.  You will never have to ask me “is there time for just one shot of…?”. There is always time.  I regularly spend 14+ hours at  a wedding because I don’t want to miss anything. The secret is that it’s more than a job to me. I love doing it.

You can’t tell the story of a wedding day if you miss the last chapter, the part where everyone really lets their hair down.  The speeches are over, the nerves of the first dance in front of everyone are done, all that’s left is to enjoy the rest of the evening in the company of your closest family and friends.  Let your hair down & bring on the dancing!



Wedding DJs

Rachel & Eoin take over the DJing duties

The Twist

When it comes down to it, everyone loves the Twist…

Dancing away

This is how to finish off a long day in style!

A rehearsed dance

I have my suspicions that this dance had been heavily rehearsed in a bedroom somewhere…

Tell me your story

I hope I’ve given you little bit of an idea of how I work and what I do.   If you haven’t done it yet, you could have a look through my portfolio, check out my package prices and what’s included & then get in touch with me.  I’d love to hear your story.