New York City – 1996

New York City 1996

More years ago than I care to remember, I worked for about 10 years as a Cruiseship Photographer.  It was hard work, but at the same time, a real opportunity to see a bit of the world and make some money at the same time. Sort of like a gap year, but 10 of them.  A gap decade. It was also the perfect opportunity for a newly qualified photographer to get out into the world and take some photographs.

Coming back to the present day, I’ve recently bought myself a scanner (Epson V800) so that I can start to go back over some of my old negatives from those days and digitise them.  It’s been great to go back through all of my old photographs and negatives and remember the places I was lucky enough to visit and the people who I met along the way.  It’s fair to say that quite a few of the photo’s won’t be making it to the website – no one needs to see photographs of Crew parties and shenanigans, that evidence should stay hidden…

So, here’s the first few images.  These are from New York City and to the best of my knowledge, they are from about 1996.  At the time I was working on the MS Dreamward which was doing the rather enviable New York – Bermuda itinerary.  It was great to go through these images of New York again – they instantly brought back a lot of memories of Saturday turn-around days (when the old passengers left & the new ones arrived), massive breakfasts at 7am in the Greek Deli over the road from the port and the best part of a day off to hit the streets & be tourists ourselves.  It’s also a little sad as you’ll see in a couple of the shots, the World Trade Centre buildings are still there. The world has changed a lot in the last 20 years.

All of these images will have been shot on my Nikon F3T which I still have & which Fiona occasionally uses. I really don’t know what film stock it is, but they were transparencies, so I’m going to make a guess that it’s Fuji Velvia because I used to love that stuff.

Every now and again, I’ll take a little break from sharing weddings, portraits and engagement shoots and post some of the photographs from years ago that I’ve scanned in.  I enjoy looking through them & I know there’s quite a few people that I worked with I still keep in touch with who’ll like to see them too.

New York City 1996 New York City 1996 New York City 1996 New York City 1996 New York City 1996 New York City 1996