Oakwood Hall Wedding | Lucy & Rob

The bride on the stairs

I while ago now, I posted the preview of Lucy & Rob’s Wedding day at Oakwood Hall in Bingley.  It was a day that managed to keep it’s garden party atmosphere throughout, despite the on and off showers all day.  The weather was never going to stop anyone from having a good time though and that was obvious from the minute that I met up with Lucy and the bridesmaids bright and early in the morning. Cheerful and excited would sum their mood up.

The Wedding Ceremony delivered just the right amount of tears and laughs, thanks to one of the readings and I’m always going to remember Rob’s speech after dinner as one of the best and funniest that I’ve heard.

I’ve always maintained that you can’t tell the story of a wedding day photographically if you go home after the first dance because you miss the entire last chapter of the day.  The part of the day where all of the ‘official’ duties are done and all that’s left to do is dance the night away is one of my favourite parts of the day to shoot.  Often you have the first dance in front of everyone, and if you’re anything like me, that’s destined to be a bit of an awkward shuffle, then as the night goes on, the Bride & Groom get a bit of time out of the spotlight and that’s when you get the real first dance photographs…



Venue: Oakwood Hall