Portrait Shoot | Ellen & Jonathan


Evening Portrait shoot in Hull

Now that we’re definitely into the wedding season and the evenings are getting lighter, I like to try, wherever possible, to schedule portrait shoots, Pre-wedding shoots and Engagement shoots to make the most of the evening summer light.  If you pick the right evening, the light is warm and atmospheric – it’s fantastic.

A couple of days ago, I did exactly this and headed over to Hull to photograph Ellen and Jonathan in their home town.  The marina area is lovely on an evening.  It was warm and quiet – perfect for a portrait shoot and the area had some excellent areas to use as backdrops for a more urban styled shoot.  As it turned out, the pink wall that we used happened to be part of a building that Jonathan used to live in when they got together.  It’s recently been turned into a carpark and makeshift photo studio.   He also used to work at The Deep aquarium which is also featured in the photographs.  As it turned out, we managed to pick an area that tied in nicely with Ellen and Jonathan as a couple and reflected a bit of their history.  In the famous words of a great man, “I love it when a plan comes together”

Throughout the summer, I’m pretty busy most weekends shooting weddings, but if you’d like to book a portrait shoot, I can arrange them for most weekdays and evenings and you can read a bit more about how I work in the portrait section of my ‘about me‘ pages.