Pre-Wedding Portraits | Poppy & David | Cod Beck, Osmotherley

Posing in the forest

Sometimes the best plan is no plan.  When I met up with Poppy and David in Northallerton last weekend, we had a loose plan to head up to a lane they knew with an old church where we could shoot some portraits.  So, we all got in the car and Poppy drove us to the location.  Once we got there, we had a walk around and took a few photographs and it was a great spot, but the woods were small and we were getting entirely too much attention from a nosey horse that seemed to want to be in the photo’s until I pointed the camera at it, when it changed it’s mind and turned away, showing it’s less attractive end to the camera.  That’s when we decided that we’d move on and find somewhere else.  We got back in the car and headed off around some of the country lanes, with no particular direction in mind, just looking for somewhere that looked like it might be a good spot.  Serendipitously, we found ourselves up near Osmotherley, at Cod Beck Resevoir to be precise.  Without knowing it, this was the location that we’d been looking for…

Cod Beck is the river that runs through Thirsk and on many occasions had flooded the town, so, back in the 1950’s the reservoir was built as a flood defence.  For the fishermen among you who are wondering where the name came from, based on how unlikely it is that there are Cod in the river, the ‘Cod’ in the name is from the Yorkshire term for cold.   I can confirm that the beck was cold.  If you’re ever in the area, it’s definitely worth a trip out for an afternoon walk as it’s a lovely spot and is surrounded by pine forests, for more information, you can click here.

It was a great afternoon walking around the lake with Poppy & David.  The weather was good although cold and for two people who said that they didn’t like having their picture taken, they both did great and really got into it, I think we got some lovely natural photographs and had some good laughs along the way.  Poppy and David’s wedding is at the end of July & I’m really looking forward to it because if this shoot is anything to go by, it’ll be a fun day & we’ll get some great, natural photographs.

There’s a couple of links at the end of the post if you’d like to find out more about my wedding packages or how to book a Pre-Wedding Portrait session & please do feel free to leave a comment once you’ve had a look at the pictures.

Pine Tree in NorthallertonPoppy & David in the woodsFirst SnnowdropsPosing on the tree stumpCountry LaneChurch gateKissing in the laneLane with a view of Yorkshire HillsBench in the woodsclimbing onto tree stumpThe doorwayCod beck signCod Beck ForestCod Beck, OsmotherleyOsmotherley in YorkshireStanding next to the resevoirB&W in the woodsPosing in the forestForest portraitKissing next to dry stone wallStanding in front of the forestCod Beck Resevoir near Osmotherley in YorkshireHiding in long grassThe forest canopyPlaying on stepping stonesThe hills & Cows
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By Mark J Hillyer, York Wedding Photographer