Renée & James’ Pre-Wedding Family Portraits At Hazlewood Castle

Double exposure

As soon as you look at the photographs of Renée & James at Hazlewood Castle, the eagle-eyed among you will notice that one member of the party seems to have got changed during the shoot. It’s not a massive continuity error on our part, it’s just that we did the shoot in two halves about two weeks apart. When we first met up, I arrived early and started to do some location scouting and the weather started to turn. Renée & James arrived and by that time it was pretty nasty, so we decided after a few shots that we’d call it a day and reschedule for another time. I’d much rather reschedule than press on and get shots that I wasn’t happy with. Now, on the second shoot, the weather was perfect. A beautiful sunny late Autumn day with no wind or rain, but just quite chilly. That’s why you’ll see that one of the members of our family portrait party suddenly seems to change into a bright red outfit (I can’t help but wonder if they do those outfits for adults – it looked REALLY cosy!!).

Whenever I shoot a Pre-Wedding portrait session, I always like the whole family to come along and make a family outing out of it, so if you’ve booked one, don’t forget, children and pets are always welcome. Also if you are thinking of having some family portraits taken, you can see more details about what I do by clicking here.

Hazlewood Castle is an absolutely amazing venue about half way between Leeds and York, just near Tadcaster. Set in beautiful grounds and woodlands with its own chapel, it’s even mentioned in the doomsday book in 1086 and was renovated and re-opened back in the late 90’s. It has more history than I could possible write about on here, so I’ve provided a link at the end of this post for you to have a look at if you like. Suffice to say that the Vavasour family who owned the castle for the majority of its life seem to be related to just about everyone that I learned about in history lessons at school. It’s certainly been part of many a story, and later this month, it’ll be part of another one as it’s where Renée & James will be getting married, so keep an eye out for the photographs.

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You can read more about the history of Hazlewood Castle here: History of Hazlewood Castle

By Mark Hillyer, Leeds Wedding Photographer