Stephanie & Rebecca | Castle Howard Portraits

castle howard wedding

Portraits in The Snow at Castle Howard, Yorkshire.

Tomorrow I’ll be in Malton in North Yorkshire to shoot the wedding of Stephanie & Rebecca, so now seemed an opportune time to share the Pre-Wedding Portrait session that we shot together earlier this year.

Cast your minds back to February.  As you’ll be able to tell from the photographs it was cold . Really cold.  When I set off towards Castle Howard though, it was only cold, blue sky and crisp air, there was definitely no snow.  By the time I met up with Stephanie & Rebecca, it was a blizzard.  Normally, I’d call off the shoot, it was after all freezing, snowing and wet.  None of these conditions help with a portrait shoot, but Stephanie & Rebecca were happy to carry on and I’m really glad that we did – I love the shots!  The sun came out a bit later on and it warmed up to about 2 degrees, so we shot some more pictures of the two of them and thought about their wedding day in May to get warm again.

We’re here in May now and it’s looking like we are going to have some better weather tomorrow.  I had a great time taking the photo’s of the two of them in February, I know tomorrow is going to be a great day and I’m looking forward to sharing the photographs soon.

By Mark Hillyer, Castle Howard Wedding Photographer, Yorkshire