I Love my Job | Zena & Brendan’s Testimonial

Zena Brendan Sheffield Wedding Photographer

Zena Brendan Sheffield Wedding Photographer



Getting a testimonial like this is why I love my job…

“Mark, what can we say, we were looking for a photographer who would take modern, natural shots of our wedding rather than the bog standard “posed wedding shots”.   Thank goodness we found you on the internet (don’t ask me how, we can’t remember), but we are so glad we did. The pre-wedding shoot is a fabulous idea, simply to get to know one another and how you work. It helped to put Brendan’s mind at rest as he was the one who didn’t want a photographer at our wedding – can you believe that!

On the wedding day itself you turned up bright and breezy, more than can be said for most of the Bridal party, most of whom were still sleepy. Your 1st  “mission” was to capture a picture of my mum who hates having her picture taken, 90 seconds in, that task had been completed and you set about what you had come to do.

From start to finish, we had no idea you were around, you must have been to stealth school, either that or you had a Harry Potter style invisibility cloak, the majority of people were unaware that you were taking shots of them and the pictures prove that. We have some of the most natural, un-posed, beautiful pictures, more than we could have asked for. (A tip though, it may be an idea to make people more aware that you are there as we are sure we are not the first couple to feel guilty that perhaps you didn’t get fed or watered quite as well as you should have done – sorry!)

As far as weddings go, we know that they are not all the same and that each bride and groom want their wedding to be the most individual. Ours was no exception and you dealt with the fact that we didn’t have the wedding and reception all in one venue and that you had to make yourself available in 5 different locations throughout the day.  Not a problem for you, you just went with the flow and followed us from my mum’s to the register office, to Piccolino’s for our wedding breakfast and then onto Weatherspoons and  Champs for our mini pub crawl.

Your rapport with our guests, particularly the teenagers was fantastic and my daughter, who also hates to have her photo taken, delighted in tormenting you and I believe her words at the end of the day were, when I get married I want Mark to take the pictures.

The only issue we have with you Mark (and the “new” digital age) is how on earth are we going to choose which pictures to print and frame, which pictures to have in an album and which to just have as part of our memories, you have taken so many that there is no way we are going to be able to choose.

Thank you once again for all of your hard work, for the hours that you have put in, for doing what we asked of you and most of all giving us lasting memories of such a perfect day.


Zena and Brendan Parker

Married Friday 5th July 2013″


You can see Zena & Brendan’s Wedding Here