Wabi Sabi In The Playroom

Playroom Portrait Leeds

Imperfect Shots of a Perfect Moment


The Japanese have an expression: Wabi Sabi. It means, according to Wikipedia, an aesthetic where the beauty of it comes from the imperfection. That’s pretty much how I’d describe these photographs.   I really wanted to get something into the photographs to capture the mood and atmosphere as well as the image.  Slow speeds and wide apertures to shoot into the light. I missed focus on a couple of them too (those babies move fast!) .  I love the warmth of the colours and the movement.  They’re ‘imperfect’ photographs but a perfect moment from earlier this morning.

Even though it was a bright and sunny morning, I was working on the computer this morning and I could hear Fiona and Willow playing Horsey in the playroom. It sounded like it was more fun than what I was doing at the time so I stuck my head around the door for a look. Here’s a few of the shots…

Playroom Portrait Leeds Playroom Portrait Leeds Playroom Portrait Leeds Playroom Portrait Leeds