Wedding Photographer York – Becky & Josh

Wedding photographer York

Becky & Josh’s Wedding at Hornington Manor near York

I love to shoot weddings in York.  There’s something about the city that’s just so right for weddings.  I don’t know if it’s the history, the scenery, or if the people just love a good knees up, but a wedding in York is always special.  Becky and Josh got married at the Calvary Chapel which I loved.  I’ve walked past it many times but I’ve never photographed a wedding there before.  That’s not where the day started though.  We started the day nice and early at Hornington Manor, where Becky and the bridesmaids were getting ready.

Hornington Manor is a historic building in the heart of a tiny village called Bolton Percy.  The village is everything you think of when you imagine a tiny, sleepy North Yorkshire village. Sleepy that is, except for one house.  I arrived to a house full of excitement and activity with the bridesmaids downstairs tending to each other’s hair and makeup. Upstairs was an altogether more serene atmosphere as Becky was getting her hair done.  The serenity didn’t last too long though as Becky soon joined the excited gang downstairs for her makeup.

The ceremony took place at Calvary Chapel in the heart of York.  Hidden away down a backstreet that you really had to look for (Isn’t every street in York like that?), it’s a re-purposed old red brick warehouse type building with tons of open space.

After the ceremony and a 10 minute drive in gorgeous old soft top Morris Minor, it was back to Hornington Manor where a garden party afternoon with tea and cakes was waiting for everyone. One of the perks of being a wedding photographer is the food.  Today was no different. I had the choice of a wide selection of cakes baked by their friends and family. Then, while I took some photographs of Becky & Josh, their friends took the opportunity to “customise” their poor little car & make it wedding appropriate.

The wedding Breakfast and speeches were held in the old converted barn and after a few hours, gave way to a lively Ceilidh.  The band got everyone up and dancing in rows and groups, with spinning, carrying and twirling being the order of the evening.

I started off contemplating why York weddings are always great. It’s a combination. Yes, the history and scenery of the city play an important part. But then the people really do enjoy a good knees up.


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