Whitby Portraits With Becky & Eddy

Engagement shoot whitby

This weekend that has just passed, I photographed the wedding of Becky & Eddy in Keighley.  I’ll be talking more about that in the future when I post the photographs, today though, I’m posting their Pre-Wedding shoot.  I think that its easy to fall into the idea that the pre-wedding shoot needs to be a long time before the wedding & certainly, if you’re going to call it an Engagement Shoot, then you’d expect it to be around the time of the engagement.  I call them Pre-Wedding shoots because for me, they aren’t about a specific event like an engagement although if you’d like me to shoot an Engagement shoot for you, I’d be more than happy to do that.  The Pre-Wedding shoots are for me to really meet the Bride & Groom before their wedding day.  By that I mean to spend a few hours with them and make a personal connection, to find out who they are, what they like to do, how they met, what really makes them tick as a couple.  In return, hopefully they get to find out a bit more about me and why I love doing this.  For me, it’s about meeting people and recording something for them, for their future.

Our morning in Whitby was a real pleasure.  I always like to arrive early when I’m shooting in Whitby, as there’s something a bit special about walking around the town before it fills up with people.  By the time I met up with Becky and Eddy in a cafe, Whitby was filling up, not only with the usual weekend sightseers, but as it was the Whitby Goth Weekend, the town was also full of fantastically dressed up people and what can only be described as Paparazzi.  Hundreds of photographers, almost as many as there were people dressed up, stopping them in the street to photograph them.

Walking through the town was certainly interesting, but the crowds weren’t really what we were after, so as the tide went out, I took Becky and Eddy down to the beach to take more photographs there where it was a bit quieter.  I say the tide went out, but we did have to time a few parts of the walk along the beach to make sure the waves didn’t soak us and we found some great spots along the cliffs.  Once we were away from the crowds, we started to get the portraits I was after…

One of the things that I always like to rattle on about is how much I enjoy shooting on film.  I took one of my film camera’s with me to Whitby as I wanted to shoot a roll of Black & White film to have a go at developing it myself.  It’s been a long time since I developed a film myself, but surprisingly it was a bit like riding a bike and with the smell of the chemicals, it all came flooding back to me.  Some of the film shots are below too.  For those with a film interest, I used Ilford HP5 film and a Pentax 6×7 with 55mm lens.  And I developed them myself. (did I mention that? )

Whitby PierWhitby Cafe SceneInside the CafeCoffeeWhitby Portrait ShootCrashing Wavesstanding by the seaHelping climb the rocksBecky & EddySitting on the rocks in WhitbyWhitby PortraitUnderneath Whitby PierUnder Whitby PierLooking at the harbourSloping searock patternsbalancing on the rockswalk along the beach in whitbyPre Wedding Shoot in WhitbyEngagement shoot whitbyBeach Huts in WhitbyBehind the Beach HutsBlack and white beach hutsYorkshire CoastKippers


By Mark J Hillyer, Yorkshire Wedding Photographer